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New Site

This is my brand new site, up and running for the world to view.

Hopefully this will give a better representation of me and what I do. I felt this was very necessary, especially since I have now moved on from just working with Alice, although it is still very close to my heart - as the fun and welcoming program that launched me into the world of programming

Check out my other forms of work, such as userscripts and browser extensions and html/javascript/css tests. or you can still view my Alice work, the AODb and the page with info on the now more or less redundant SARS system.

The old site can still be found under the More menu at the top.

YouTube Layout Fix

A userscript and Chrome/Opera extension that applies a few fixes to YouTube's terrible new layout.

Mainly, what it does is

  • Centre aligns the pages, so you don't have to ridiculously strain your neck to look left all the time.
  • Applies some grey colouring to the background and sidebar, so that all of the whiteness doesn't burn your eyes and so that the actual content is focused.
  • Now has customisable colours if you don't want to use grey.
  • Works on the new homepage and the new video page.

Screenshots (click on them to see full size)

Image unavailable Image unavailable More info and download
Alice Launcher

Alice Launcher and Mods

Basically this replaces the Alice exe. It still launches Alice, it took a while to work out the setup for doing so, but it also has configurable options, shortcuts and mods. The "Memory to allocate" option should hopefully fix some lag issues.
Get the Alice Launcher here

The Alice Launcher allows you to use mods for Alice!
Get mods here
Mods so far:
  • Play Fullscreen
  • Gloo
  • Texture Tools
  • More coming soon
Since the Alice Launcher is only for Windows and mods are for any os, I am planning on making some sort of Mac/Linux installer thing, but for now Windows users only - sorry.
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